About Us





In 1934, Girls Inc. of Fort Smith was established to meet the needs to area girls. The Belle Grove Center was opened and served as a place to provide clothing, health needs, and recreation for the “under privileged” girls. In 1970, Nancy Orr Center was built on Old Greenwood Road. Until 2007, both centers provided to the Fort Smith community. Now the Nancy Orr Center serves as the center of operation. After 80 years of providing to the Fort Smith community, Girls Inc. looks forward to continuing their efforts to make every girl strong, smart, and bold.










National Website Link: www.girlsinc.org


Amanda Daniels; Executive Director

Joyce Slack; Marketing Director & Program Specialist

Patti Cross; Program & Camp Director

Amy Burrows; Office Manager

Marie Richison; Sports & Outreach Coordination

Board of Directors


  • Patrick Jacobs; President
  • Greg Carman; Vice President
  • Tina Dale; Secretary
  • Karen Wuthrich; Treasurer
  • Jennifer Caldwell
  • Jennifer Kelley
  • Travis W. Lea
  • Cindy Sparks-Kenna
  • Kim Vann
  • George Moschner
  • Rita Howard-Watkins
  • Tad Steffenson
  • Paula Glidewell
  • Michelle Stockman-Hood
  • Tracy Pennartz
  • Michael Tilley
  • Stephen Taylor
  • Cathy Williams; Ex Officio, Noon Exchange Member

Honorary Members

  • Sherry Sims
  • Dana Craig
  • David Humphrey
  • Nancy Smith-Robinson
  • Jane Wilson
  • Georgianna Yerton


  • Bill Burgler
  • Kay Voss
  • Curtis Sawyer
  • Rick Spearman